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About Natalia García

CEO of La Patrona and Producer of The Mind Courtesy

Sometimes I wonder myself over the level of intuition I carry since a very young age. Throughout life, I have experienced all kinds of life moments harsh and happy that have changed and made every single piece of who I am today.
With the Mind Courtesy, I am living my dream of sharing knowledge & interviewing people who uplift our lives, the high importance of being kind to each other, and the impact that thoughts and emotions have in our lives.
Words matter, who are our words?  our thoughts, our perception of life.
Who makes that? our life experiences.
We are a build-up of all those, and that's the way we see the world.
Nevertheless, we can be part of the change, positive change. Every day we open our eyes after sleep, we are changed and I truly believe by sharing that knowledge we could achieve transformation and save life’s even, this is why the existence of my podcast and articles from The Mind Courtesy.
Now, on the "let´s chill and live the momentum" as a hobby converted into a fun business,  I like organizing Tequila Tastings with high quality brands from Mexico. Not promoting the brands itself due to I use different yet promoting knowledge on how Tequila is produced from scratch till the moment you drink it…I am a certified Tequila Taster by the most important institution in Mexico to do so.
I believe tequila is also made to relax and have a good time, and not a headache. And due to I am Mexican, tequila, lifts up the spirit and brings good memories. So salud ; )

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